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Compatibilism Compatibilism

Uploaded by CaseyP on May 16, 2018

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Compatibilism is a fundamental philosophical context that humans can have both determined actions and a free will of their choice. In order to have a good understanding of compatibilism, one needs to know the elements of a free will. It entails a notion that every person has the ability to make a rightful independence and more free decisions. Nevertheless, various factors govern an individual’s free will. The paper analyzes the aspect of compatibilism and the aspect of the three that seems correct.
Reasons for the Support of Compatibilism
The concept of free will as an aspect of compatibilism helps in influencing an individual’s judgments. In most cases, a person may be coerced to make a wrongful decision on some important societal matters that they can end up regretting about. Free will remains to be a better illusion of a person’s life (Harding, 2013). People have a chance to be morally responsible for the kind of actions and steps they make in life.
More importantly, there is a certain point in life or that a decision that a person takes can either destroy or build. When individuals face a difficult time in their lives, it is important that they have a chance to make their own decision. When a person has a chance and the whole freedom, one gets to think and have time to analyze the aftermath of their decisions and to make the rightful choice.
In conclusion, everybody needs to make right choices and decisions in life without future regrets. In as much as a person has a freedom and total right of making decisions, there are certain actions that are determined by nature and by the natural conditions. Compatibilism remains to be a better theory that helps provide a fundamental freedom and right to make choices in life without influence from any other person.
Harding, T., (2013). Determinism, free will and compatibilism, Retrieved from

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   05/16/2018

Category:   Philosophy

Length:   1 pages (318 words)

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Compatibilism Compatibilism

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