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Creative Writing Exercise: My Ideal Place

Creative Writing Exercise: My Ideal Place

The ideal place for common people usually ranges from tropical vacation spots and outdoor activities, to stores and buildings. On the other hand, I do not fit this category of common people. The soccer field and music environment do make me feel at ease, but my real passion is towards automobiles. I could not think of a better place than to sit in the cockpit of one of Nissan’s line of super-cars the Skyline, preferably the rare NISMO 400R.

The NISMO 400R probably sounds like a space ship, but by all means far surpasses one. Since not many people even know of this car, it must be hard to picture one. The car is somewhat of a cross between a Nissan 240sx, and a BMW, yet is more aggressive in appearance. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that even though it is a Japanese car, only sold in Japan, it still has a hint of European flavor. The car is only made in the color red, not a dull red but a true brilliant race-bred red. On the upper edge of each side of the car lies a single defined race stripe, yet consequently they don’t detract from the car at all. When looking at the NISMO 400R for the first time, one would clearly notice its abundance of intake ducts all over the car. These intake vents are provided for different reasons, either for appearance, cooling, or for aerodynamics during high speeds. No matter what they are used for, it makes the car extremely alluring. The largest intake duct is located on top of the hood, facing its wide mouth towards the car. Others are scattered throughout the car beginning from its front spoiler, all the way to its side skirts. The other two modifications that make this car truly unique in appearance are its famous oval shaped tail-lights and its perfect rear spoiler. A rear spoiler is basically a wing attached to the rear of the car to keep the car’s down force at a maximum. This keeps the car from flying off the road since it only weighs about 1500 pounds. Finally, to accent the car’s already perfect design, its massive yet light rims contour snuggly to its 18 inch...

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Creative Writing Exercise: My Ideal Place

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