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Criminal Defense Case Analysis

Uploaded by CaseyP on Dec 06, 2016

Criminal Defense Case Analysis.
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Criminal Defense Case Analysis
Crimes are committed every day due to factors such as insanity, breaking the law, the error of facts and even age. Some of these offenses are unintentional and have to be defended during the prosecution. The paper discusses two criminal cases which contain elements of the causes mentioned above and other crimes and how they were used along with telling the outcomes of the two cases.
The two cases
Defense is the action of resisting an attack. The first instance for this study is Nancy Seaman’s case. She is married to Bob and were a couple of 31 years with two sons in the marriage. Nancy was tired of spousal abuse from her husband and was planning to move out of their marriage home. One morning when Bob realized that Nancy was almost leaving, when holding knife he chased her as she ran to the garage. In the garage, Nancy stroke him with a hatchet 15 times before stabbing her to death. During the prosecution, she defended herself that she did that due to self-defense and other abuses. She was later found guilty and given a life sentence (Krajicek, D. J, 2013).
The second case for this study is the Lorena Bobbit situation. Lorena and John Bobbitt were also married couples. Throughout their marriage, John used to mentally and sexually abuse Lorena. One evening, John came home and went to the bedroom where she raped Lorena. After the incident, Lorena went to the kitchen to have some water and saw a sharp knife. She went back to the bedroom with the knife and chopped off John’s penis. After the happening, she drove off the apartment then called the police. During the trial, she claimed to be mentally ill. She was only charged for temporary insanity then later released (Reed, L. C).

Types of Defenses
Self-defense: in this instance, the offended or the offender claims that if not because of self-protection, he would have suffered significant harms or even death (Akande, D., & Liefländer, T).
Insanity - defense- it is also called mental disorder defense. During prosecution, the offender may claim that his actions were due to a disease that might have caused mental illness or insanity. The main reason behind this defense is that behind any scene of a crime, there has to be the spiritual element. To ascertain irrationality claims, the...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   12/06/2016

Category:   Social Sciences

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Criminal Defense Case Analysis

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