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Critical Analysis of A Raisin in the Sun

Critical Analysis of "A Raisin in the Sun"

The play has a very strong view on Feminism in the 1960's. The three characters which are women; Mama, Ruth and Benetha show an influence over the men of the family. They are the main supporters of the family, because Walter is too lazy to do anything or care about his family, since all that is important to him is money. Mama is by far the dominant female in the family, since she directly gave Benetha orders to say "there is still a god in my mothers house" and Benetha obeyed her, so that makes Mama dominant over Her. Now Ruth, listens to Mama and respects her as the sole leader of the household, because she is the oldest and wisest. The women of Raisin in the sun all are very important because of there roles and personalities.

The importance of children in this play is that of a great influence. Walter, Benetha and Travis are the only "children" of the play and they all play an important role. Walter displays an unselfish characteristic that is overshadowed by unwise decisions in the play In one particular scene, his son Travis asked both parents for money. Walter acts out of pride and little motivation by giving Travis his last pocket change. This symbolizes Walter's willingness to be a good father. In a different situation, Walter wouldn't display his selfish intentions. This behavior can be attributed to working in a degrading, underpaid position and not seeing results. Another reason for the importance of children in the play is that if Mama hadn't told Travis to stay in the apartment when Walter was going to sell out to Lindler, then Walter would not of stood up to Lindner, and he would of sold the house. He didnt do this because he wanted the respect of his children, and to not look like someone who could easily be persuaded into things.

The symbols in A Raisin in the Sun were a very important aspect of the play. The four main symbols were; Mamas plant, Walters liquor store, Ruths unborn child and the house in Clyborne Park. Mama's plant is the main symbol of the story. The purpose of the plant is to show hope. Mama perpetually tends to her small window plant and returns to it at the...

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Critical Analysis of A Raisin in the Sun

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