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Critical Questions about "Utopia"

Critical Questions about "Utopia"

To read Utopia is to be shuddered into asking ourselves this momentous question "What is the relation between our possessions and our souls?" Are the conspicuous illusions of wealth injustices? What truth about us resides in Raphael's passionate declaration towards the end? Since the beginning of the Renaissance age, man has tried to accomplish a perfect society and government. Utopia as More sight it is politically, economically and socially perfect. But as we study it accurately it might seem to be perfect in the theory of it however, if it is to be practised it might not seem to be that perfect after all in my point of view. I will bring you to have a closer look and in the same way analyse the political system in the element of government and legal system, the economic system in the sense of their no monetary values, we will argue the social injustice as in the view of society and the structure and lastly I will write about the education revolution among the Utopians. All this factors mostly reflects the ideas of Renaissance Humanism.

In Utopia we see how the political system might develop in a state that try to balance these two impulses human depravity and a communist system aimed at checking the destructive individualism of corrupt human nature. The government of Utopia practices republicanism as said by Logan (1983:262) “the fact that Utopia a republic rather than hereditary monarchy…”. In addition to that “… elects an official called Styward every year” (More Utopia Extract 1516:74). This very much reflects the Renaissance Humanism that facilitated by a fundamental reassessment of every human-made system in light of its purpose and function. Which is proved by Davis (1981:43) “…enable men to realise their full humanity as participating citizen”. Institutions exist to serve humans. Humans do not exist to serve institutions. As Utopia is a politically self-rule by local citizens (Nauert 1995:17). A responsible assessment of the systems that serve Humanity is an understanding of who they serve, which involves an understanding of the nature of humans.

The laws that govern the Utopia are 'the law of Humanity' and 'the law of Harmony'. I think that...

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Critical Questions about "Utopia"

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