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Decisional Motivation

Decisional Motivation

Throughout your life there will be many situations that you encounter that have a major effect on the way that you live. Your life is based on choices, with an outcome strictly of what you make it to be. There are of course good choices and bad choices involved in the process of life. One of the most difficult choices that you have to make is what to do with your life after you leave high school, there are a million and one paths to follow and each one is different with pros and cons for you as an individual. You can go your whole child hood and teenage years deciding on the perfect choice for you. Although, you will not no the right path to follow until you have an epiphany, and see your whole future exactly the way you want it in just a split second.

Ever since I was a kid, I had always dreamed of being a Garbage man, seeing the blue and white trucks drive by that said B.F.I. in huge letters all over the side. My parents always told me that I really did not want to be a garbage man, that I should make something of myself, but I was a stubborn minded 8 year old who wanted to be a garbage man.

As my childhood progressed, there were many more careers that interested me, which I thought, would be the perfect thing for me. For example, I wanted to be a firefighter. Something about those loud sirens, horns and the big trucks mesmerized me. But then around the age of 10, another thing that I loved,Semi-trucks. I wanted to drive one of the big rigs, and make what I thought would be the big money. I loved when our family took road trips, because I would always talk to all of the truckers on the CB radio. I loved it, and still to this day talk to them. But yet again, another career that my parents told me that I didn’t want to have, that I should make something of myself, and become a somebody, and be respected by everyone.

A few years had passed, and over those years I had changed my mind about what I wanted to do about 15 times, with things ranging from police...

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Decisional Motivation

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