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Deepest Hole on Earth

Uploaded by CaseyP on Jul 23, 2017

Deepest Hole on Earth
During the cold war, competition for the ultimate supremacy between the Soviet Union and the United States took many twists and turns. The most notable of all these competitions were the space race where the Soviet Union managed in sending the first man into space while America did better by sending a man to the moon (Janet 55). Competition did not only occur on exploring the outer world but also the interior of the earth. The paper will discuss the deepest hole in the earth.
Like mentioned, competition between the Soviet Union and the United States also extended to exploring the interior of the earth. The Americas had the Moho project which attempted to dig a hole between the plates in the earth’s mantle (Janet 62). However, the project run into trouble soon after its initiation due to financial constraints. Furthermore, the government could have put more focus on beating the Soviet Union in the space race. The Soviet Union had its project and this was very successful (Janet 67).
Therefore, it is no doubt that the deepest hole is human-made and is found in Russia. The hole is about 12 kilometers deep (7.5 miles) (Janet 68). The hole referred to as Kola super deep hole is located on the Russian peninsula. The hole made significant discoveries and challenged existing theories concerning the earth's crust. For example, deep down (6 km) they discovered the existence of fossils microorganisms and water. However, at 7.5 miles the temperatures became unbearable at 3620 F (Janet 69). Furthermore, the rocks were becoming plastic like make it harder to bore through, and the project was halted in 1994.
In conclusion, Kola hole is the deepest in the world. It signifies the quest by man to explore and understand the universe. The hole presented a chance to challenge the theories of the day concerning the arrangements of the rocks in the earth structure and how seismic activities.

Work Cited
Martin-Nielsen, Janet. "‘The deepest and most rewarding hole ever drilled’: Ice cores and the Cold War in Greenland." Annals of Science 70.1 (2013): 55-69.

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   07/23/2017

Category:   Business School

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Deepest Hole on Earth

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