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Descartes and Philosophy

Descartes And Philosophy

Descartes sixth meditation deals with Descartes trying to find the real distinction between the mind and body. Descartes expresses the mind as being separate from the body. I agree with Descartes' findings. I am in complete agreement with; I feel that the mind is what a human uses to think and process information. The body is merely an extension that creates the human form (paragraph75.)

Descartes feels that he has a distinct understanding of the body. He feels that it is an extended thing and not a thinking thing. The mind is separate from the body; therefore humans can not exist without it. I agree with Descartes view on the separation (paragraph78.) I feel that Descartes is correct in saying that; a persons essence consists entirely in being a thinking thing. Descartes knows that the only reason he feels hunger, thirst, and pain is because his mind tells him (paragraph81.) If Descartes didn't have a mind he wouldn't experience such sensations.

Descartes reveals that the mind and body are also tightly knitted together (paragraph81.) I took a pilot and his plane as an example to back Descartes up. I feel that a pilot without its plane cannot fly; therefore a body without a mind cannot function properly. The body cannot sense pain without the mind. If the mind and body weren't attached, it would be like the mind was looking down at the body being injured. The mind and body are so tightly knitted; that a human is able to sense the pain rather than perceive it. If humans just had a physical form of a body they wouldn't be able to endure pain or the senses.

Though the body cannot exist without the mind; they are still extremely separate things. I agree with Descartes when he expresses that things we sense on the extended body are exclusively related to the mind. The composite of the mind and body has nothing to do with what the senses tell the mind. The movie suggests that the body is merely an extension completely unrelated to the human mind and its facinating capabilities.

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Descartes and Philosophy

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