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Diaz Elects a Governor" & "Mexico Revolution & Stability

Uploaded by CaseyP on Jul 28, 2016

Diaz Elects a Governor" & "Mexico Revolution & Stability

"Diaz Elects a Governor" and "Mexico Revolution and Stability."
In the article Diaz Elects a Governor and American Revolution, the words caudillos and scientific have been mentioned. The two words are nicknames that Mexican people had given their political leaders during the year 1908. Those political leaders believed in natural law and argue that the nation cannot develop without their control. Those leaders have manipulated the country and believe that no person can rule the country without their involvement (Gonzales, 2002).
I think Womack’s remarks were aimed at showing the level of disagreement and lack of unity among the Mexican People in coming up with a leader who could change the country after Diaz retirement. The politician failed to have a common ground that could form a new leadership that could change the political situation in Mexico during 1900s. Womack’s remarks show his level of dissatisfaction with Diaz dictatorship rule. For example, Diaz could not allow any political party to maneuver in his presence. Besides, he could do anything to frustrate any upcoming political party (Gonzales, 2002).
Diaz had ruled the Mexico for over 20 years and wanted to remain in leadership for his benefits at the expense of Mexican people. His term was ending 1910 but he was unwilling to retire. Diaz ironically asserted that he was ready to retire. However, his remarks did not make sense because he did not mean his words. He just wanted to make Mexican people happy through his media publicity. His remarks were meant to show Mexican people that he is a good leader who is ready to allow democracy prevail which was not the case (President Diaz Elects a Governor, n.d).

Gonzales, M. J. (2002). The Mexican Revolution, 1910-1940. UNM Press.
President Diaz Elects a Governor. (n.d) Where the Captain Commands. Retrieved :<>0n.22.07.2016.

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   07/28/2016

Category:   Contemporary

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Diaz Elects a Governor" & "Mexico Revolution & Stability

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