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Does God Exist?

Uploaded by CaseyP on Dec 20, 2016

Does God Exist?
St. Anselm's Ontological argument in Chapter II of Proslogium attempts to provide proof that God exists. Anselm's focus begins with simple premises whose justification in no way relies on experience. Based on a reconstruction of the argument and a comparison of premises, he proceeds to draw the conclusion that God exists. Anselm's assertion is intended to refute some individuals who, in their hearts, think that God does not exist. This paper gives a brief summary of Anselm's argument, refutes the argument, highlights possible grounds on which Anselm could counter the refutation, and then finally refutes Anselm's possible refutation again, before drawing a conclusion.
Anselm uses two important features to refute the claim that God does not exist. First, he states that the 'fool' who claims that God does not exist understands the claim being made about God's existence (Princeton 1). Second, he also points out that the 'fool' does not believe in the existence of God. Anselm intends to show that the combination of the two factors mentioned is unstable (Princeton 1). Anselm states that the fool clearly understands the concept of 'God,' a powerful being greater than all, but that such a person still denies the existence of God, even though the 'fool's' mind comprehends the very aspect of the powerful being (Anselm 1). The fool's mind which Anselm refers to as 'the understanding' can comprehend the existence of a powerful being. Such conception occurs both in the mind and in reality, two aspects that when in alignment, improve understanding and can act as proof. Finally, he notes that if the 'fool' can understand what it means when one speaks of Y, then Y exists in the 'fool's' mind or understanding. From this conclusion, the 'fool' clearly acknowledges that God, whom he knows exists in reality and in mind, exists. ...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   12/20/2016

Category:   Religion

Length:   6 pages (1,263 words)

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Does God Exist?

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