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Dropout Rates

Uploaded by CaseyP on Feb 12, 2018

The cases of school dropouts are growing at an alarming rate. Many children are leaving high school long before they graduate. The trend is disturbing, and all the necessary measures need to be implemented to curb the problem. The management of the education sector requires a concerted effort that will ensure that the students will appreciate their being at school and the impact of education in their lives. The different factors have been identified to cause the problem of students dropping out of school. High level of poverty among the minority communities has been defined as a significant reason for the children exiting school before they can graduate. The concern has been raised in many quarters. The government has the role of making the situation better for the children to enjoy staying in school. The teachers and the students can also play an essential role towards eliminating the issues that may emerge out of the cases of children dropping out of schools before they can graduate.
Policies have been developed with the aim of reducing the cases of students dropping out. The policymakers need to ensure that all the children have equal rights to an education without paying attention to their backgrounds. The concerned parties should ensure that the children are not discriminated against by their peers or teachers based on any given basis. The female children should be handled with care for meeting their unique needs. The teen mothers need support to be able to go back to class after they give birth. Such girls need assistance to be able to overcome the stigma associated with that condition. The parents have the role of offering best parental care with the aim of supporting their children through education. The cooperation between all the stakeholders is therefore essential towards reducing the rate of school dropouts among the high school students.
Dropout Rates in High Schools
High school dropout rates have been recorded highly in the recent times. The records indicate that the dropout rates are higher in some states as compared to others. The acceptable period of four years is perceived as the required amount of time that a person should spend in high school (Stetser and Robert 2). However, the rates have been dropping in some states faster than in some other states. The problem has been a significant concern to the policymakers of the education sectors. The actions groups have noted...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   02/12/2018

Category:   Literature

Length:   16 pages (3,632 words)

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Dropout Rates

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