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Effects of Music on Video Production

Uploaded by CaseyP on Sep 22, 2016

Effects of Music on Video Production
Music has been part of man since time immemorial. Music has many impacts on human nature and defines man in different ways. Movies and music have been working together for a long time and the latter plays a significant role in filmmaking. It has prominently featured in movies because it affects our emotions; it can make one cry, laugh or can even scare. Scientific findings show that music affects the auditory cortex which handles sound in the brain and the emotion center (Boltz 116). Therefore, music improves memory and accelerates brain function and in return, helps the audience to memorize the film for a long time. It also enables the audience to absorb more from the movie. The research conducted from the drama “The Memory Dealer,” shows that music in the film has so many effects.
The study showed that music played a fantastic role in enabling the subjects to be absorbed into the action movie. It also indicated that the music helped the actors to become more confident and therefore, making them hold on to a certain amount of self-reflection and get engaged fully into the action by understanding their roles. The music helped create a particular atmosphere that made the actors move quickly and understand who they were in the movie. It is believed that music works upon our unconscious mind and therefore, the listener does not need to understand the meaning of the music, but rather, pay attention to how the music makes them feel. The music helps one create their thoughts; evoke memories, and feelings while watching the movie. Music helps us get involved with the movie and affects our behavior and our moral attitudes while watching the film.
It also helps us reflect on the actions in the movie from our sitting comfort or even in our sleep. The interrelation between the visual and auditory aspects of the movie makes it fascinating and adds heightened realism. The aspect of music in advertisements to influence the customer’s feeling and association with the product is likened to how music in movies,...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   09/22/2016

Category:   Marketing

Length:   4 pages (845 words)

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Effects of Music on Video Production

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