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Effects of Science and Technology on Society

Effects of Science and Technology on Society

Science and technology may be partly responsible for many of the problems that face us today. The problems are the advancement of weapons, bombs, biochemical and nuclear weapon, which brought us violence amongst ourselves and others. Another problem is human dependences on technology, such as the internet, computers, cell phones etc. Yet one of the biggest problems is pollution. Three types of pollution that dominate they are water, air and noise pollution.

Water is one of the several resources that we need most, many people can survive without food for several weeks but they cannot survive without water for less then a week. According to Water Pollution web site “millions of liters of water are needed every day worldwide for washing, irrigating crops, and cooling industrial processes.” The advancement of science and technology causes much water pollution, such as dumping toxic waste into rivers, ponds, oceans, and even small creeks. For example, many Third World countries that are trying to get their country industrialized lack the funds to dispose of their wastes probably. But instead, they dump their toxic pollutants into surrounding bodies of water. All of the toxins that they dump, can be washed out into the rivers, seas, or oceans can contaminate our water we use everyday to wash our face, hands, clean our dishes, and much more.

The air that we breath everyday to keep us alive, imagine if the air are been polluted through our industrial everyday. According to Air Pollution and Respiratory Health web site, “In 1991 American industry emitted more than 2.4 billion pounds of toxic pollutants into the atmosphere. In 1991, 98 areas exceeded the Environmental Protection Agency's recommended levels for ozone, and an estimated 140 million Americans lived in those areas.” Of all those pollution in the atmosphere and over thousand, even hundred of thousand as breathing it everyday it can cause many health problems to a lot of people. The advancement of our industrial not only causes us health problem only but it also depleting our ozone and cause us global warming. The technologies that we build some of them which contain CFC Chlorofluorocarbon, a compound consisting of chlorine, fluorine, and carbon, CFC are commonly been used in refrigerators, solvents, cars, and many more. The CFC can break down by strong ultraviolet light in the stratosphere and release chlorine atoms that then deplete...

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Effects of Science and Technology on Society

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