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Eknas The Foreseer - Greek Tale

Uploaded by Gotskillz on Jun 19, 2004

Eknas The Foreseer

Deep within the woods of Corinth, Eknas, the wise sage lived. Before his days in the vastness of the woods, Eknas earned money in the city of Corinth by reading the futures of men near and abroad. Sadly, Eknas lost both his parents at a young age and had been left to fend for himself. Although Eknas could understand the prospects of others, he could never determine his own. Therefore, not wanting to be heart broken again, Eknas subsided to the serene forest of Corinth.

Still, countless travelers from distant cities and countries came to visit Eknas to discover their future. However, finding him was not as easy as it once had been. While living in the woods, Eknas moved to a new location at the beginning of each morning and would never return to the same spot a second time. The vagabond took shelter under trees, grottoes, and occasionally underground.

Poor business brought the merchant Teltar to the immense forest of Corinth. Teltar searched for the fortuneteller for several weeks without any sign of the man. Out of luck, food, and just about everything else, Teltar noticed a scurrying rat and raced after it. Teltar followed the rodent into a winding hole and stumbled upon the location of the infamous prophecy holder. Eknas held up a small net with the rodent that Teltar chased after.

“ Looking for this?” Eknas asked.

“ You must be Eknas, the fortuneteller that everyone seeks,” Teltar, exclaimed, “ I have gone to the farthest ends of this forest in search of your whereabouts. I am a beaten man and have nothing to give you in return for your services.”

Eknas was astonished at the man’s perseverance,

“ Normally, those who ask for a reading into the future bring cattle with them so that it can be slaughtered in the name of Apollo, god of music, medicine, truth, and most importantly prophesy. I suppose this rat will do,” Eknas proclaimed.

After the rat was sacrificed, Eknas interpreted Teltar’s fate. It read that Teltar would soon succumb to starvation beside a soothsayer. Eknas knew that tampering with fate is futile, as did Teltar. Together they survived a few more days off of rodents and occasional bird eggs. Apollo united the two dead bodies creating the first rattlesnake. Just as Eknas forewarned people of their future, the slithering rattlesnake alerts its victims with the...

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Uploaded by:   Gotskillz

Date:   06/19/2004

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   2 pages (403 words)

Views:   5271

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Eknas The Foreseer - Greek Tale

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