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Electronic Interactive Media

Uploaded by coolzie on Oct 26, 2011

This paper discusses some of the ways in which electronic interactive media promotes social function; and ways in which it is dysfunctional. (7 pages; 2 sources; MLA citation style)

I Introduction

We’ve had electronic media around for a long time. Radio and the phonograph go back to the 19th Century and television has been with us since the mid-20th. But today something new has been added: interaction. Rather than passively watching or listening, users can now interact with the medium of expression.
This paper speculates about some of the social functions – and dysfunctions – resulting from using the new interactive media as sources for both news and entertainment.

II Definition

It seemed best to start with a definition of “electronic interactive media.” One source says that EIM consists of the Internet, CD-ROMs, on-line information services, touch-telephone systems and interactive kiosks. EIM is used because it reaches a large audience, offers opportunities for interaction and is largely controlled by the user. (Chapter Sixteen, Integrated Marketing Communications, PG). This seems like a reasonable definition and a good place to start.

III Discussion

It seems obvious that of the electronic media listed above, the one that has had the greatest impact must surely be the Internet. It has allowed people all over the world to reach out to one another and get to know each other as individuals, no matter what the ideological differences in their governments might be. But as great as the Internet’s potential is, it has some downsides as well.
For example, although the Internet does bring people closer, there is no way to tell if the information provided is accurate. Someone in a chat room; or who presents information about himself or herself on a web page can easily misrepresent the facts. Someone can say they make $1 million a year; live in Beverly Hills and drive a Ferrari, and there’s simply no way to know whether that’s true or not. If it were possible to somehow require people to submit paperwork to some “Internet authority” it would destroy the give-and-take that is so much a part of the Net. The point is that the Internet is a medium that must be approached with caution, since it can be misleading.
Perhaps more important than occasional questionable interpersonal relationships is the way in which excessive Internet use can cause both health and emotional difficulties.

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Uploaded by:   coolzie

Date:   10/26/2011

Category:   Technology

Length:   6 pages (1,458 words)

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