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English Exaggerated Free Write

Uploaded by kik19 on Oct 07, 2019

My heart pounding; my blood boiling; I could hear kids laughing and screaming in the background. I left dizzy, faint even, but my pride would not let me fall, not in front of everyone. My vision came into focus and I saw her, laying in the sand field a short distance from the playground. Her face bloodied like she just got done eating lunch and playing in ketchup, tears in her eyes, fear, she was pleading, begging, not in words but in emotion. I was standing over her like a possessive beast that just caught its first prey. My adrenaline was rushing, I didn’t even notice throbbing in my knuckles, the cold and hot sensation that resonated from them.

“Next time…” I trailed off, feeling large hands on my arms and shoulders holding me still to prevent me from doing any more harm. A teacher came into view turning his back and position himself between the beast and its prey. As I was being led away I looked back at once was a 6-year-old girl now a piece of pulverized processed meat and said:

“You call me or my family ‘lower than you’ because we are a different color…” I stood still making sure to position myself in her line of sight. My glare blazing with rage and sadness that I was not foolish enough to show.

“You won’t be able to recognize yourself in the mirror, then we will see who is groveling like a pig looking for scraps” a low growl came out as I spoke. I never heard myself sound so rugged, mean, demanding. The hands-on my shoulders and arms, shook, trying to guide me away, but to no avail, and they knew, the whole school and it seemed like the universe knew, I was someone who you did not trifle with. I could hear the kids screaming and laughing once again as if they were applauding for more. Kids were giving me the thumbs up, calling my name like I was a war god, but deep down inside I knew that when this was all over, those same kids that are cheering for me, will turn, like a rabid dog, ready to bite the nearest person no matter who it is. The teachers thought I was demented, that I was a violent kid who will grow up to be this violent monster. I fought to make sure I was...

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Uploaded by:   kik19

Date:   10/07/2019

Category:   College

Length:   5 pages (1,180 words)

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