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Equus by Peter Shaffer

Uploaded by Appleman on Oct 12, 2007

Plot Summary of Equus, plus the detailled analysis of two important events

Scene 1 – Dysart’s first monologue: the play opens with Dysart briefly explaining Alan's worshipping of the horses. He struggles to get his head around this worshipping and it is making him question the ethics and effectiveness of psychiatric treatment.
Scene 2 – Hesther explains to Dysart what she believes has happened. She includes details of Alan's court hearing, where all he did was sing when he was asked questions. She begs Dysart to take Alan on as his own patient.
Scene 3 & 4 – Alan meets Dysart for the first time. He refuses to answer questions, and decides to sing TV commercials instead. He is taken to his room, where he offends the nurse.
Scene 5 – Dysart's second monologue: he is describing a dream he has had to the audience. He is in ancient Greece, taking part in a sacrificial ritual where he cuts open children and removes their lungs and heart. He again questions the ethics of being a psychiatrist.
Scene 6 – Frank and Dora, Alan's parents, argue about whether or not Alan should be allowed a TV. Frank believes that is a bad influence on his son, but his mother disagrees. Meanwhile, Hesther and Dysart begin to talk bout religion.
Scene 7 – Dysart speaks with Dora. She explains to him that she told Alan stories from the bible, and then talks about horses. Frank enters, and he tells Dysart that he thinks religion is the reason for Alan's insanity.
Scene 8 & 9 – Alan has a nightmare. He wakes up screaming “Ek… Ek… Ek!” When Dysart asks him about this dream, he refuses to answer, and sings TV commercials again.
Scene 10 – Alan describes the first time he saw a horse. He was building a sandcastle on the beach when the horse came over. The ride gives him a ride, but Frank pulls him off.
Scene 11 – Dora describes the picture of Jesus that Alan had on his wall. Jesus is in chains with a spear pointing at his eyes. Frank tore this picture down because he doesn’t think religion is good for his son.
Scene 12 – Dysart meets Dalton. Dalton is the stable manager of the stable where Alan worked. He explains that Jill has had a breakdown.
Scene 13 – Alan speaks into tape recorder. He is explaining how he felt when he was on that...

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Uploaded by:   Appleman

Date:   10/12/2007

Category:   Plays

Length:   7 pages (1,596 words)

Views:   8004

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