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Escaping The Diversity of The Human Race

Uploaded by CaYLo on Aug 28, 2017

We are all living in a world full of discrimination, we are bounded by how each individual is different and how our race limits our capabilities and our ability to interact with people of other races. Does this kind of mind-set within us is the real nature of the human being? Did we come to this world to label each other differently because of our race? Maybe there are more to this than to fight each other just because we don’t have the same set of beliefs that they have. Can we, of different races, come together as one where we look into each other’s eyes and see a human being not different from you and from everybody else that is also able to understand and to love and nothing less.
At first it may sound impossible because throughout the history, man are the ones making its own path to destruction through war. How ironic that humans seeks peace through the use of force and war. We just can’t get along with each other but maybe there is something we can do about it. It would be a great world where Man are able to work together as one and help each other and by then there will be true peace.
Our racial diversity is the result of the geographic distribution of every human being. In the early ages, humans have no choice but to live in an extreme area on Earth where they are force to adapt gradually and change in favour of the environment they are distributed. Through the changes that the early humans have undergo, some became tall and some became small, some had darker skin tone to survive the direct exposure of UV light coming from the sun that is harmful to the skin and some had white skin tone. With these different traits that the early humans obtain to survive, we classify each other’s race and suddenly this became the main reason for the diversity of races in terms of our place in the community.
I wholeheartedly disagree to this way of thinking. There is a way we can obtain peace and unite the diverge races of the human being and that is to “understand” and “accept” each other. If we learn to understand the differences between us and not see it as an advantage or disadvantage we will be able to see that races are just labels...

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Uploaded by:   CaYLo

Date:   08/28/2017

Category:   Discrimination

Length:   2 pages (529 words)

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Escaping The Diversity of The Human Race

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