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Europe/EU and US - Iraqi War

Uploaded by 2jag2 on Feb 22, 2007

The Relationship Between Europe/EU and US “ Iraqi war

The relationship between the US and the EU is tense in regards to the war in Iraq. ...
Also the fact that Europe was very divided in its opinions and involvement in the war against Iraq makes it harder to come to an agreement with the US, because EU itself does not agree.
The Americans see the European opposition against war as a typical European indecision and cowardice. ... Europe wanted to be certain in the decisive question of war. ... The anti-Americanism was expected to get worse if US started the war alone together with the British. ... EU also gets divided because the members have to choose sides, if they want to support the US in a war or if they are against. The French-German disapproval of the war has created a focus against the US, and the other countries in the EU had to choose if they were on their side or not.

Presumption “ EU, NATO and UN After the War

It was expected that the conflict between the US and Europe concerning the war in Iraq, would lead to serious problems in world organisations and in the relationship between US and Europe. ...
While war was approaching, the question of how it would effect world organisations arose. ... France and Germany already have plans about common defence-obligations, ahead of the other countries.
UN: Despite the major military that the US has at its disposal, the US does not dare to go through with the plans of war without the UN. By going to war without a mandate from the UN, it will be considered by Europe and other countries in the world, as an insult against the multilateral system of decisions, which still has massive support. ... If the US does decide to go to war without a mandate from the UN, it could lead to fewer allies for the Americans.
This is how it would look from the US point of view, according to the Danish correspondent,
in Washington, Poul Hшj:
EU/Europe: The Europeans have talked about EU being a major political counterweight to the US, but that idea faded out along with the Iraqi conflict. ...
UN: The US presumes that it will get its majority in the UN for a war. ...
The EU has committed about 100 million euros in humanitarian aid to Iraq and the EU discussed...

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Uploaded by:   2jag2

Date:   02/22/2007

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Europe/EU and US - Iraqi War

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