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Euthanasia in the Play Who’se life is it anyway

Euthanasia in the Play “Who’se life is it anyway”

“Who’se life is it anyway” is a satisfying play on a dramatic and intellectual level. The play makes it satisfying by the entertainment and the dramatic death. It makes it dramatic because of the conflict and tension of the play. The play had bitter sweet catharsis which had a resolution of conflicting emotions and mixed feelings on the play. It was also humorous that was savage and black. The play is on an intellectual level because it picks both sides both sides of the argument and also the audience is feeling the dilemma of Ken which the audience sees as a big problem.

The play picks both sides of the argument, with one side is that Ken wanting to die and the other side doctors wanting him alive and to live, this crates two arguments and creates tension for the audience to know what’s going to happen next. What the audience is feeling towards Ken is that his dilemma is very bad and the audience has the alternative to choose what his going through and what his feeling. Throughout the concept of the play, the author uses dramatic irony on Ken by saying things that are sarcastic and making the audience think what he really means by saying all these ironically phrases.

Throughout the play “Who’se life is it anyway” Brain Clark, the author uses dramatic irony on ken. “They’re perfectly safe with me, Sister” is what Ken says to the sister. Of course Ken wants the young sisters to take care of him because they are beautiful and Ken wanting them to stay with him, so he says that they will be safe with him. “If Doctor Scott could drill some holes in my head, you could blow in my ear and play me like an ocarina”, Ken says this in a very sarcastic way by making it humorous and making the audience laugh. By saying this he simply was just being sarcastic. “If I refuse, he’ll probably dissolve her in water and inject her into me” this is what Ken says to sister. What Ken is simply saying is just a joke and he says this because he has to see Mrs Boyle and he doesn’t want to, so he says a sarcastic sentence that describes what she would do if Ken doesn’t see her. Also the audience is enjoying...

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Euthanasia in the Play Who’se life is it anyway

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