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Evergreen Enhancement Case Analysis Paper

Uploaded by CaseyP on Oct 10, 2017

Evergreen Enhancement Case Analysis
Institution Affiliation
Evergreen Enhancement Case Analysis
Problem Statement
Richard Alpert must show great leadership as well as make a bold decision and choose Faraday for the promotion as head of the managing VP despite his slightly low performance when compared to Pace. Pace uses a performance-enhancing drug of Adderall that creates unfair competition to colleagues and competitors (Harris & Mead, 2012).
Alternative Solutions
Alternative 1:
Richard Alpert should meet personally (privately) and discuss the concern that he has about Pace use of Adderall. The discussion should be objective where each party should present their views and positions including the reason Alpert should consider the promotion of Faraday. This approach would give both parties an opportunity to understand each other better and the impact that such actions has not only to Pace but also the colleagues and competitors as a whole. Furthermore, the possible impact that the company might have when such information becomes public that might tarnish the image and name of the company. It would also assert whether Pace knows the short and long-term impacts of using such drugs or not, and provide an opportunity for change.
Alternative 2:
Richard Alpert should convene an urgent meeting of all employees and introduce a policy of a drug-free environment where employees would be screened for drug use. It would also provide an opportunity and platform to educate the entire employees of the impacts that performance-enhancing drugs have to their lives, colleagues and competitors and possible legal and moral impacts. It would provide a long-term solution to the problem where employees can also educate those close to them about the concerns of drugs.
Recommended Solution:
The best approach is for Richard Albert to meet personally and discuss with Pace about the concern so that the two parties might understand each other better and possible reasons why Pace is taking such moves and the impacts that it has to all the concerned stakeholders in the Evergreen company. It is also because of the limited time constraints that he has before he makes the decision.

Harris, J. & Mead, J. (2012, Dec 1). “EVERGREEN ENHANCEMENT.” Darden Business Publishing: University of Virginia.

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   10/10/2017

Category:   Management

Length:   2 pages (357 words)

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Evergreen Enhancement Case Analysis Paper

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