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Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare

Uploaded by CaseyP on Nov 19, 2018

Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare

Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare
Evidence-based practices have been associated with improved patient outcomes in the clinical setting. In most cases, such clinical interventions usually reduce the rate of medication errors and provide long-term solutions. This essay evaluates how the consistent use of condoms can be a proper way of overcoming the cases of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy among students due to unprotected sex.
Clinical Issue
The higher cases of unprotected sex among teenagers and young adults have been on a rise in high schools and colleges where they have got the freedom that they were seeking. Furthermore, “Health Promotion and Maintenance” is one of the NCLEX category, which has a subsection known as the “High-Risk Behavior” (NCSBN, 2017). Hence, the clinical issue highlighted is classified as one of the high-risk tendencies that are associated with younger people. The subcategory that the medical providers should identify the inappropriate activities that the patients are undertaking and raise awareness about the concerns associated with such issues. From that point, they can have programs that can transform the behaviors of the population and help them in avoiding such elements to overcome their infections.
A discussion of the high-risk behaviors can help the nurses in identifying how certain infections are caused. As a result, they can suggest the evidence-based practices that can address the problem and provide long-term solutions. In the process, the patients will remain healthy and avoid the risk factors that can increase their chances of contracting some serious infections. The high school and college students will also understand the danger associated with having multiple sexual partners. The knowledge can enhance their awareness of such situations and how they should avoid the issues that might undermine their health.
On the other hand, the failure to comply with such requirements can place the well-being of the patient population at risk. For instance, unprotected sex will result in higher cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancy among young adults (Ashenhurst, Wilhite, Harden, & Fromme, 2017). As a result, such negative effects can interfere with their education because the ladies might be forced to abandon school so that they can take care of their new-born babies. They can also spend more time in the medical institutions and funds as they are seeking treatment for the STIs that they have acquired.
The healthcare system will keep getting more cases of infections and ladies with unwanted pregnancy seeking...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   11/19/2018

Category:   Medicine

Length:   9 pages (1,976 words)

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Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare

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