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Uploaded by CaseyP on Nov 10, 2016

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Exercise 1: Search Process
To gather information and data regarding Club 18-30 Style Mediterranean Party Tourism Holidays, procedural steps were followed. This section will outline the procedure followed to get the literature used. For the researcher to get comprehensive information about the topic, systematic and thorough search of all the types of published literature were listed to get good quality references that are relevant (White, 2009). For the literature search to be successful, undoubtedly, through review of the literature has to be carried out from the beginning (Kitchenham et al., 2009). By getting literature search helps in saving the time allotted for the research and will help also improve the research.
The search of the literature on Club 18-30 Style Mediterranean Party Tourism Holidays was carried out from 5th August to 12th August. However, initial searches were done early July 2016 and then repeated later for new references in late July 2016.
While doing, the search different databases were used. To get the required information I used the ISI Web of Knowledge, the Club’s directory, Search engines of Holiday places. Further, I also perused through tour and travels magazines to get the information about the place. I concluded the search by combing through the different articles within my University to find out information regarding the club. While doing the search, I carried out a systematic search of the published literature on different online databases including Embase, ACM Digital Library, EconLit, and HEED. My search ideally started by checking through the multi-disciplinary journal databases resources. Some of the journal databases included JSTOR, Academic OneFile. The use of multi-disciplinary was mainly because they have peer-reviewed journals that would be essential for this study. I also used publisher’s database to get the required information for the study. The main databases that I used in the process included Emerald, Sage, and Science Direct.
Additionally, when carrying out the search, I also made use of the other relevant contents that were non-journal. The contents included e-books, magazines, encyclopedias, images, newspapers, information available within the publication of the local authority and video and audio as well.
To carry out the search for the literature, search terms were used. Using search terms helped to improve the quality of search. Some of the search terms that were used included “Club 18-30 Style” “Mediterranean Party Tourism” “Holidays”, “Club 18-30” “Mediterranean Party Tourism Holidays”. The whole name of the club was treated as...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   11/10/2016

Category:   Science

Length:   14 pages (3,173 words)

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