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Facing the Reality of Teens with Access to Handguns

Facing the Reality of Teens with Access to Handguns

Handguns and teens do not go together. Why then is the number of young people being killed by handguns increasing each year. It is against the law for anyone under the age of twenty-one to handle a gun, but it seems that this law is not being followed by the world today. Many people have guns in their homes, for “protection” they say, but one can not honestly say that the weapon killing young people is a good means of protection. As a nation, a society, the people of today should stand up for what is right. Do not give teens the opportunity to handle a gun. Handguns should be illegal to the people under any circumstances.

There have been numerous occasions on the news when a young child or teenager has been killed by a gun in his or her own house. This scene is so very sad. People today are not even safe in their own homes anymore. This situation, though it has happened many times, can be prevented. If people did not have the right to own handguns things of this sort would never happen. It is like a child with a piece of candy. If the child does not see the candy, he will not want it, but the moment he lays his eyes on it, it has to be his. Do not give people the chance to own a gun and no one will see the need to have one.

Guns are a threat to the world today. No one goes into a convenience store and says, “Give me all the money or else,” without some form of a weapon, and nine times out of ten, that weapon it a gun. Think of how much better this world would be without guns. Teens would not be getting into the kind of trouble they are getting into today. Without the driving force of a handgun, young people would never think of robbing a bank, breaking into a house, or worst, killing someone. The violence of today’s teens would drastically decrease if guns were not in the picture.

The most devastating thing about today’s teens handling guns, are the many times teens kill other teens. In schools around the world, young people have been bringing in guns and shooting their own classmates as a means of releasing anger....

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Facing the Reality of Teens with Access to Handguns

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