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Fictional Creative Writing

Fictional Creative Writing

Anymore questions?” The captain ask to his five-man squad sitting before him in the brightly lit interior of the van.
The rookie lieutenant spoke up. “Yeah captain, why do the boss’s want us to infiltrate a college because of one man, especially on such short notice? We could be capturing twenty, twenty-five traitors in length of time this mission is going to take.”
The captain grinned to himself at the young lieutenant’s unsenceable attitude. He hadn’t grasped the untold importance of the mission yet and how profitable it would be for his career.
“If I understand correctly there are circumstances that will not allow for the subject to be taken in the usual procedures. The old Professor Clayman has taught, in his many of years of teaching, the former President and eight Senate members who are currently serving. If we take him down like he was just another criminal, the President’s and the Senator’s character will be put into question.”
“So why did we ever suspect him?”
“ Seventy percent of the anti-government organization recruits are persuaded by this same professor. Once were able to infiltrate into the college, will hopefully be able to examine his techniques and learn about the organization all at the same time. Now Agent Langly you have to keep the long-term goal in mind, that is…”
A technician opened one of the van’s doors and handed a micro receiver to the captain. The captain didn’t talk, only listened to the voice in his ear.
“Change of plans squad,” He commanded. “ the mission begins in approximately eight minutes.”
He went back to van’s seat and scanned the entrance to college across the street.
* * *

“… well, it’s been nice meeting you.” Professor Clayman rattled tersely and sidled quickly to the coffeepot in the farthest corner of the lounge.
How ironic, he thought to himself, staring at the gleaming machine. With all of man’s sophistication, unity, and heightened intelligence because of the government’s crusade for knowledge, no one had invented and improved version of one of the most common things in life; the coffeepot. In fact, after 2019 no person had invented anything that affected the globe. No Nobel Prize since that time had been presented either for the reason...

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Fictional Creative Writing

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