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Financial Analysis JPMorgan Chase

Uploaded by CaseyP on Oct 23, 2016

Financial Analysis JPMorgan Chase

Financial Analysis JPMorgan Chase
In the income statement of the major items for the financial analysis are the net revenues, operating expenses and the net income. The net revenues connote the sales volume for the company that would help in understanding the wholesome growth of the company economically (JPMorgan Chase & Co., 2015). The net operating expenses provides the information of how the management has been controlling the cost to enhance economic growth for JPMorgan chase. The net income reveals how the JPMorgan chase management maximizes the wealth of the shareholder each year. The statistics on these three performance since 2011 to 2015 has been summarized on the below graph.
Graph 1.0: Performance Metrics from Income Statement.

From the above graph, there has been a steady flow in net revenues which ranges from $80 billion to $ 100 billion. This means the management has been on the forefront in ensuring stability in the sales volume. The operating expenses have been on the decline since year 2011. The net income on the other, has been increasing since 2011. From this analysis, it is evident that JPMorgan chase has had higher economic growth over the years which has culminated into the growth in its net profits (Beutler, 2014).
On the balance sheet, the three main items used in this analysis are the total assets, long term debt and common shareholders’ capital. These three items are quite vital in understanding the net worth of the company. The long terms debt shows leverage that the company has and how best the investors can rely on it for more profitability (Healy, & Palepu, 2012). The shareholder equity shows how their wealth has grown over the years and the control the shareholders have on the firm’s management for Chase Company. The following chart provide an insightful information about the trends brought on board by the company through three performance metrics (JPMorgan Chase & Co., 2015).

From the above chart, it is evident that the firm has high amounts of assets from the year 2011 which has been increasing until the year 2014. The firm has also increased in terms of the shareholders’ equity. The debts have been reducing since the year 2011 but at a slow rate. So far there are no fluctuation in the amounts of debt of the company meaning the firm management is conservative in terms of...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   10/23/2016

Category:   Company Profiles

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Financial Analysis JPMorgan Chase

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