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Fitzgerald's Judgment Of Tom Buchanan

Fitzgerald's Judgment Of Tom Buchanan

In the novel The Great Gatsby, Tom Buchanan is a very wealthy man, who lives in the east egg of long island, who is described by Fitzgerald as arrogant and overbearing. He is snobbish towards others who either don?t have as much money as him, haven?t had money that long, or got their money unethically. The light that Tom is portrayed in, displays him as someone who will never be hindered by his poor qualities as a person. Tom?s overbearing attitude, and arrogance end up being his downfall, because he cannot see his own mistakes.

Arrogance is when someone feels that they must always have a final say, and find it necessary to prove others wrong. Tom?s arrogance comes into full bloom during the meeting between himself, Gatsby, Nick, and Daisy. When Gatsby tells Tom that Daisy no longer loves him, Tom refutes this by claiming that Daisy could never love Gatsby, because he got his money illegally. Tom says that

?I suppose the latest thing is to sit back an let Mr. Nobody form Nowhere make love to your wife. Well, if that?s the idea you can count me out?Nowadays people begin by sneering at family life and family institutions and next they?ll throw everything overboard and have intermarriage between black and white.?

He goes on to let Daisy go home with Gatsby, because he is so confidant that she will not desert him. Tom?s presumptuousness, that Daisy will be completely loyal to him because he knows that she will not run off with a nobody criminal, is his arrogance. He doesn?t understand that it?s his fault that Daisy is unhappy and wants to leave. He is blind to the fact that Gatsby has been trying to impress Daisy, and that she loves him too. Tom?s arrogance causes him to be blind to the fact that Daisy is very unhappy, and that she truly loves Gatsby.

Fitzgerald describes Tom?s overbearing nature through descriptions and the subtle actions that Tom takes. He is physically described as cruel, and aggressive. When Nick first sees Tom in the book, he describes him.

?His eyes appeared as if they established dominance over his face. There was touch of paternal contempt in his voice, even towards people he liked.?

Nick is the...

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Fitzgerald's Judgment Of Tom Buchanan

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