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Flat Tax

Uploaded by rayjones on Jan 19, 2005

15% Tax Across the Board?

Money! I bet I have your attention now. Hard working Americans are consistently held down due to taxes. There are many unnecessary taxes that are taken from each individual every single year. The 15% sales tax concept eliminates the frustration and confusion of the different kinds of taxes, and creates more money for the federal government. This concept has been overlooked year after year since its conception. This is a 15% sales tax; a tax that takes 15% of all goods sold and gives it to our government. Be aware of the fact that it is now 7.75%; a lot of you may say, \"7.75% is way too much already\". The answer to that question is no, no it is not. That 15% sales tax goes directly to the federal government eliminating all income tax in ones paycheck. Imagine seeing your paycheck without taxes taken out of it. It seems almost unimaginable to me; now we can imagine it.
What does every employee constantly complain about every single paid day? What is one of the main topics that the presidential candidates stressed while campaigning? How come people like drug dealers get a big advantage in this world when it comes to pay taxes? And again, what consistently holds down the hard working American? I have found a way to answer all those questions? This concept has actually found a way to tax everybody, not just the working ones. This concept also makes it fair and economical to our federal government, not just the individual taxpayer. Under the implementation of this concept an individual could receive a paycheck and have virtually no taxes taken from it. This 15% sales tax eliminates confusion, taxes everybody, and organizes the government in a way that has never been done.
Eliminating the confusion of distributing all of the taxes throughout the country would be in our government\'s vital interest. Every two weeks I will go through the exact same ritual, I will receive my paycheck and furiously tare it open to see how much money I will be able to lose in the next two weeks. I\'m always blessed with a beautiful number at the top that is very fair and deserving for the hard work that I do on the weekly basis. Then I always see a whole bunch of abbreviations, different dollar amounts, then the number at the bottom...

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Uploaded by:   rayjones

Date:   01/19/2005

Category:   Economics

Length:   5 pages (1,102 words)

Views:   9159

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Flat Tax

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