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Uploaded by CaseyP on May 21, 2018

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Part A.
Forgiveness is a skill that is effective in healing relationships and keeping it going strong (Toussaint, Worthington & Williams, 2015). Despite being a vital skill, my performance of the forgiveness skill varies when I am with different individuals depending on the close connection between the people. Firstly, I have good performance with the skill when I am with close friends and family members. This is because they have a close relationship that is built on love and empathy. Therefore, caring become the default way of relating such that when a friend or a family member wrongs me, I tend to forgive and let go quickly despite the hurt. As a result, it is much easier to resolve conflicts by believing in the good intentions of the friend or partner. Also, it is due to the fact that we always believe that no one is perfect.
On the other hand, my performance of the skill is bad when I am with strangers or people who are not closely related to me. When a person is hurt by a stranger, they intend to briefly step outside their pain (Toussaint, Worthington & Williams, 2015). It is easy to get lost in hurt, blind to anything beyond it due to the inability to understand the perspective of the strangers. Therefore, it becomes hard to forgive and let go due to lack of close relationship to salvage. At first instance, people think that there is no future to consider with strangers. However, forgiveness is not only useful for repairing friendship but also for one's well-being. I forgive quickly when am with close friends and family members and take a lot of time to forgive those who are not closely related to me.
In summation, people perform differently with the forgiveness skill when with friends and strangers. However, it should be made a routine so as to ensure reduced stress and increased overall psychological well-being.

Part B.

Part C.
The capacity for a person to accomplish forgiveness and let go all the past damages is a standout amongst the most basic difficulties numerous people face with regards to achieving personal happiness and peace (Toussaint, Worthington & Williams, 2015). Just like inside the class the ability to achieve forgiveness is very crucial outside class as it is absolutely necessary for long-term emotional and mental health.
I have had the opportunity to have an experience with the skill...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   05/21/2018

Category:   Political Science

Length:   9 pages (2,121 words)

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