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Uploaded by CaseyP on Nov 13, 2017

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1. What did you find more appealing about French culture in general and what do you find more appealing about American culture?
The most appealing attribute about the French culture is the sense of fashion. People in France take their time to dress and make sure that they leave the house only when they are looking good. One of the students interviewed describes France as the capital of fashion. The most appealing attribute about the American culture is that people are more liberal as compared to France. For example, Students in the United States engage the lecturer with questions, views and opinions making the session more interactive unlike in France where the students do not engage the lecturer (Hess, 2013).
2. What surprised you the most?
The thing that surprised me the most is how lectures in France are less liberal and students do not engage the lecturer in any way. One of the students interviewed talks of how the lecturer dictates while the students type without asking questions. Interactive learning is important because students get to seek clarification on issues they do not understand and also share their views and opinion with the class.
3. What is the most attractive component in the French educational system and student life that would make you want to study in France?
The most attractive component in French education is how cheap tuition fees are. College education in France is cheaper than in the United States and is affordable to most of the students. The attractive aspect of the student life is the discounts they get in shopping centers and some restaurants. The discounts reduce the cost of living of the students hence they enjoy better living standards. Museums are also free to students. Students gain a lot by visiting the museum due to the vast knowledge they hold. Frequent visits by the students to the museum can play a vital role in the student’s academic success. Making the museums free makes it possible for the students to visit more frequently.

Hess, V. (2013, May 17). American students in Paris (France VS USA) - Brooklyn College News. Retrieved November 12, 2017, from

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   11/13/2017

Category:   College

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