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From Lunda to Landa By Navirah Zafar

Uploaded by eddyslash on Mar 20, 2009

From Lunda to Landa
By Navirah Zafar

The moment one enters Landa Bazaar, mountains of scattered garbage and foul smell emerging from random corners wakes the asleep mind. As one further moves in; one is repulsively engulfed in the odor of used clothes but the urge to discover more about what lies ahead is not hindered.

Since its inception, Landa Bazaar originally known as “Lunda” (shelter-less shops or single storey shops), has been working to provide the poor with luxuries they can't afford otherwise. The original Landa Bazaar is located opposite Dehli Gate and has a huge variety of clothing; ranging from used jeans, shirts, evening dresses, saris, blankets, curtains,quilts, shoes and bags. It is from here that other landa markets, seen opposite Mayo Hospital, Anarkali and Ichra Market, are operating. Starting from Dehli Gate this long elaborated lane leads to various houses and shops that make up the structure of Landa Bazaar. As we further enter this huge shopping vicinity, we get to see what makes Landa Bazaar click not only with poor but rich class as well.

People come here from all over Punjab and other places, to purchase commodities for their personal use and retail outlets. Various commodities come in big bundles which are traded in from Karachi port. Mr. Naeem Badshah told The Galaxy that garments coming in from foreign countries are divided into various categories. The first three categories are bought by different African countries and those which are left are bought by India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
The main vicinity of Landa Bazaar has many different markets. New Market, Shoe Market, Baboo Market and ready-made clothes market are the most famous among them. At first sight, the narrow galleys and shady basements of the bazaar puts one off at what to find in mountains of used clothes. But as one digs in the mass madhouse of clothing, one gets to find amazing garments which look no less than A-class clothing. Once these garments land in the Landa Bazaar, they are initially bombarded with elite shop owners, who purchase high quality 10-15 pieces out of the 200 garments present in the bundle.
Actively known as poor man's paradise by the looks of it, Landa Bazaar is not what it seems. The traders in the Landa Bazaar told that the government has been charging taxes on the trading goods for the last three decades. Naeem Badshah,...

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Uploaded by:   eddyslash

Date:   03/20/2009

Category:   Business

Length:   4 pages (840 words)

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