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Good Morning Vietnam Film Review

The movie, Good Morning Vietnam, takes place in South Vietnam where Adrian Cronauer, played by Robin Williams, is stationed as a DJ while the Vietnam War is going on. When Cronauer first comes into Vietnam it is still just a police action but throughout the movie you can see the problems unravel and the war escalates. In the early sixties the war was just seen by everyone as a police action and will be over soon and everyone will come home. As Cronauer states, “the war is not just being fought in the hills”. It was moving down into the streets of the cities. Good Morning Vietnam portrays how the war escalated and how easy it was to get involved.

An important scene in the movie showed how the war was growing. When Adrian Cronauer was asked to leave by Tuan (Cronauer’s friend and also a VC bomber) and a few seconds later the bar is blown up, the scene was inside the city. This shows and proves that the war was moving down into the city streets. This was an indication that the idea that this was going to be finished quickly, a view that many in the United States had, was wrong. The United States was losing control of the war and they were not expecting that and were not ready for it. In reality this is what was really happening and people were seeing it on television and started to protest against the war. With the burning of draft cards, demonstrations and riots, the turbulent sixties became marked by civil unrest.

In the movie, close to the end, there were segments that showed some actual scenes from the war. When these pictures were shown on the nightly news and the American people saw them, they had every right to be upset. To some people they were seeing their children dying and they didn’t know for what they were dying for. They began to question what their government was telling them. The millions that were against the war used this distrust to question other “truths” that they had been told, including the use of illegal drugs. The idea that that the government might be lying about one thing made some people ask if it was lying about everything. This distrust turned the sixties into a time of...

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Good Morning Vietnam Film Review

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