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Good Vs Evil in King Lear

Uploaded by mountainlvr on Jan 15, 2012

God created us with different characteristics and our own self-concusses. But people will think about this play with anger and hate. What I am talking about is the wickedness and the cruelty set in this play. If we are to have a happy ending, we are to reflect on one's action and hope that we have the knowledge and the common sense to see and change our wicked ways. In Shakespeare's 5th play, King Lear, there are two rules of man that we are suppose to see. One is " What goes around, comes around". The second is "Evil never wins." So our question is "Did King Lear deserved to be rejected by his daughters?" The answer is no. So I choose to take the side of King Lear, try to be a loyal servant and to see how this question came into this conclusion.

The first reason is that King Lear is that he is old and he has been through a lot. Even though he made some wrong decisions, it isn't right to kick out a member of the family and to say that "Your on your own."
The evidence is when the first daughter, Goneril, kicked him out only half the time when she was supposed to keep him. His second daughter, Regan, rejects him completely.
This is cruel and unusual because he gave his daughters everything they may possibly want: money, wealth and power. After he was stripped of his power, his daughters backstabbed him. They told him that they loved him in order to get his power. After that, he was no use to them.

The second reason why King Lear shouldn't be rejected from his family is because in the beginning of Shakespear's play, King Lear starts off as a respected and powerful king.

As the story progresses, the king loses his power because of his own stupidity and blindness. Reasons that I think why the king lost power due to his own stupidity and blindness is because he could of had bad advice. Another valid reason is because of his wealth. People are known to be foolish or to listen to the foolish because of their own greed. One more reason why King Lear shouldn't be rejected from his family is because of his power. People with power grow to be corrupt and breaking the bonds of their subject(just like King Solemn who lived in a life of...

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Uploaded by:   mountainlvr

Date:   01/15/2012

Category:   Shakespeare

Length:   4 pages (887 words)

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Good Vs Evil in King Lear

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