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Great Gatsby social class issues

Uploaded by briannam on Jan 22, 2019

“Murder is not about lust and it’s not about violence. It’s about possession” - Ted Bundy. Murder is probably the most relevant social issue that has been around forever. Murder shows up in “The Great Gatsby”, murder was also a major issue in the 1920s and it’s still a major problem today. The most common motives for murder in “The Great Gatsby and real life are revenge, jealousy, and accidents due to careless people on roads.

In “The Great Gatsby” Tom tells Wilson that Myrtle, Wilson’s wife was having an affair with Gatsby. Tom also tells Wilson that the reason Myrtle was running away was because she was trying to go with Gatsby out of town, far away from Wilson. Wilson when he hears about this he becomes very angry and wants to do something about it. Wilson becomes so angry that e goes to Gatsby’s house and shoots Gatsby while he is in his swimming pool, and then Wilson proceeds to kill himself after. Studies show, that revenge is the third most common for all.

Another powerful reason for murder in “The Great Gatsby” is jealousy. Tom is so jealous that Daisy is with Gatsby that he lies to Wilson …

The last evidence of motives for murder in “The Great Gatsby” is not really a motive at all. The third evidence of murder is an accident. Daisy is driving home from the city and Myrtle Wilson, who happens to be Tom’s mistress, runs out into the road and Daisy hits and kills her. If Daisy had seen Myrtle and stopped the car, she would have been okay. Deaths to vehicles happen all the time today. Most are called accidents, because that is what they are, an accident.

As you can see there was plenty of motives for the deaths that occured in “The Great Gatsby”. Each one affected the outcome of the story majorly. These are all ways that connected “The Great Gatsby”to real life. The three most important motives are revenge, jealousy, and completely on accident.

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Uploaded by:   briannam

Date:   01/22/2019

Category:   Reflection

Length:   1 pages (337 words)

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Great Gatsby social class issues

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