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History of Advertising

Uploaded by colakid on Oct 30, 2004

Advertising is a collective term for public announcements designed to promote the sale of specific commodities or services. Advertising messages are disseminated through numerous and varied channels or media such as televisions. TV advertising used different techniques to attract and get the attention of people to buy the product being advertised even if they do not need the product.

Advertising is expensive in all terms of media. According to Encarta 97, research says that in terms of descending order of dollar volume, the major media in the U.S. are newspapers, television, direct mail, radio, magazines, business publications, outdoor and transit advertising and farm publications. On the other hand, advertising also invests a lot. In 1987, newspapers received about 27% of advertising investment in the nation. Next in line was television, with about 21% of advertising investment. American advertising leads the world not only in volume of business but in the complexity of its organization and of its procedures: Each year, millions of dollars are spent on institutional advertising that usually mentions products or services for sale only incidentally. Advertising enables manufacturers and others to sell their products in larger quantities than they would otherwise; the increased volume of sales in turn enables companies to sell individual units at a lower cost than if they were produced in small quantities. Advertising also supplies most of the operating funds of the principal communications media.

After much work has been done, we still want to know why do people get attracted in buying products being advertised after watching the advertisement. In other words, what do these techniques do to attract or get the attention of the audience.

The purpose of this research was to inform the different kinds of techniques in TV advertising that attract the people or audiences to buy the product being advertised.

II. A. History

The television started out as nothing more than another new invention. Radio pioneers dreamt of a day when the silent movie would talk. Their dream soon turned into reality.

“In the beginning...25,000 plus became entranced by television at a demonstration at a Gimbel’s store, and advertisers were quick to follow the genesis of a massive audience.”

The timing of the introduction of the television was perfect. The Second World War had just been won. People had money...

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Uploaded by:   colakid

Date:   10/30/2004

Category:   Business

Length:   8 pages (1,801 words)

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History of Advertising

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