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Homer’s Odyssey What is an Epic Hero?

Homer’s Odyssey - What is an Epic Hero?

What is an epic hero? Homers’ Odyssey is about an epic hero named Odysseus and his quest home. Odysseus is an epic hero because he is valiant and brave, the gods favor him, he shows respect to the gods, with the help of the gods he can survive things most men couldn’t, and he is

Odysseus shows he is valiant and brave when he fights the monstrous Polyphemus and stabbed him in the eye with a giant olive tree. He proves he is brave during this battle because Polyphemus is a giant Cyclopes, and Odysseus has to outsmart him in order to escape for survival. He also proves he is very wise and strategic by only stabbing him, not killing him. The bolder in front of the cave, locking them in is so giant, that a creature with his strength can only move it. Another example of Odysseus’ braveness is when he stands up to the one hundred sooters by stringing the bow and shooting the arrow through the axe handles. Then, he kills the hundred sooters with his bloody bare hands. This shows Odysseus’ braveness because fighting one hundred men by himself is a very big feat.

Next, Odysseus is an epic hero because the gods favor Odysseus through his treacherous quest. One time the gods showed they prefer Odysseus when Aeolus puts all the whisping winds into a sack, and the crew is on their quest. The crew thinks the sack holds gold and jewels. Thus, they open it, sending them crashing on the gigantic waves created by the wind and water which sends them back to the island. Aeolus, the god, still helps them because she understands their happenings. Also, when Odysseus is being imprisoned by the astonishingly beautiful Goddess Calypso. Zeus’ daughter requests that Odysseus be released because he needs to continue is quest. Because of her request, Zeus sends a messenger to Calypso to order Odysseus be released.

Odysseus then shows he’s an epic hero by showing respect for the Gods. Odysseus shows respect when he vows to sacrifice his choice heifer. Then he burns the best pieces of meat on the alter fire. Another way he shows respect to the gods is when he prays to the gods and washes his hands. While he is doing this, his men...

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Homer’s Odyssey What is an Epic Hero?

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