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How Bush Hopes to Help Stimulate American Economy

<b>Bush Endeavors to Help the American Economy</b>

The votes are in and the people of the United States have spoken; President George W. Bush was reelected for his second term in office. In his first term he was concerned with the nation’s economic growth and this concern remains consistent, if not stronger for his economic plans during his second term. Bush wants the economy to grow and create jobs by proposing tax cuts that will stay and help bring money back to America’s economy. His aspirations for his new term will be effective because the economy is reviving with growth from his last term. Bush has helped the economy in the past four years, and there is no doubt that he will be able to continue to do so. He promised to build on the accomplishments of his first term by building a safer world and creating more hope for America for our workers, families, and children. Not only is Bush promoting tax cuts, he will not be satisfied until each and every American whom wants a job will be able to find one. With the job market growing, Bush wants businesses to grow too. Bush would like to continue economic recovery into prosperity in which the people will feel the effects of it now. By learning about Bush’s proposed economic plans, one can see how his plans can be related to the subject of macroeconomics.

A rising concern is America’s debt. Bush came into presidency at a rough time. The September 11th attack put the economy in a huge deficit. Millions of dollars went into the necessary war with Iraq and the economy will be paying for it now and in the years to come. Bush wants to rebuild the economy. Money is being cut from our education, recently the California school systems, to pay for the war. Bush believes he must help reconstruct the economy and not allow the “invisible hand” in the economy by imposing new taxes. The economy was at one of its lowest points because of the war, but Bush’s new proposal to help the economy recover will help rebuild our economy.

Bush wants to emancipate America from the income tax and propose the national sales tax. A national sales tax would be very beneficial and help the economy now. ...

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How Bush Hopes to Help Stimulate American Economy

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