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How Can the Society Address Climate Change?

Uploaded by CaseyP on Jun 14, 2017

How Can the Society Address Climate Change?
In the current, evolving world, the issue of sustainability now lends itself as one of the critical issues more than ever. It is arguably one of the outstanding subjects that policymakers are discussing. This issue is hinged on the view that the growing global populations, the high rates of depletion of natural resources and the various emerging social, health and economic challenges call for a rethink on ways that the current generation will be able to continue sustaining itself, considering the effectiveness of existing approaches have been questioned. Many of the discussions have acknowledged the role of the environment as particularly imperative to sustainable development. The primary premise for this position is that if the global community does not protect or conserve the environment, the adverse environmental challenges such as famine, natural calamities, and diseases will be experienced, and these results will subvert the efforts aimed at achieving the social and economic development goals (Gille, 5). However, the path to environmental sustainability has not seemed to be a straightforward one. Indeed, several views have been offered as strategies for sustainable development, some of which have elicited the questions concerning their appropriateness. Some suggestions have always been characterized by heated debate contests. In fall 2008, the head of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Rajendra Pachauri, called upon the global society to eat less meat in a bid to conserve the environment. His view has been perhaps the most interesting of insights that have attracted sharp reactions. This paper explores the question of eating meat as a way of supporting environmental protection, focusing on the implications of Hamilton's argument on Dr. Pachauris viewpoint.
A Look at Dr. Pachauris Opposing Viewpoint
Dr. Pachauris acknowledges that the state of the rising global temperatures cannot be ignored — it calls for drastic interventions. The most appropriate approach for this intervention is by narrowing on some of the anthropogenic activities responsible for the emission of most of the greenhouse gasses. Animal farming happens to be one of the most notable causes of greenhouse gasses and, therefore, one way of addressing the issue is by avoiding eating meat. Dr. Pachauris viewpoint rests on the startling statistics that the meat production processes account for about 25 percent of the greenhouse gas volume emitted from the globe. These amounts of pollutant gasses are produced during processing of animals feeds, while others, especially...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   06/14/2017

Category:   Geography

Length:   6 pages (1,396 words)

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How Can the Society Address Climate Change?

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