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How The US Is Unfair to Its Poor People in The 21st Century

Uploaded by CaseyP on Jun 02, 2017

How The US Is Unfair to Its Poor People in The 21st Century

How The US Is Unfair to Its Poor People in The 21st Century
The poor people in America that mainly consist of the minorities have often complained about the lack of government support in improving their conditions. In reality, the government has failed to offer the opportunities that can facilitate their likelihood of succeeding. This essay will reveal how the government has failed to stop the racial discrimination in the job market, banned certain businesses, and placed strict requirements for the minorities seeking loan facilities, and the issues have clearly intensified the situation of the poor people.
The government has failed to set strict policies that will reduce the racial employment gap. In this case, the poor people have been unable to get the jobs that can help them in getting a constant source of income. Alan et al. (n.d.) reveal that the “unemployment rate for adult white high-school dropouts (11.4 percent) was less than the rate for blacks with some college education or an associate’s degree (11.6 percent)” (417). The scenario clearly proves that the poor people are less likely to get money that can improve their conditions because of the discrimination.
Most minorities have been unable to access any loan facilities that can assist them in financing their business ventures. In particular, Alan et al. (n.d.) assert that “more stringent collateral and credit requirements” have led to the black businesses failing to get enough loans that can support their daily needs (420). More important, the Black people have been unable to secure employment opportunities, and starting business ventures have turned out to be a huge problem.
The government has also focused on banning ice creams and cigarettes with the aim of protecting the population, yet, they are interfering with business opportunities. However, abolishing ice cream in Brooklyn and the cigarettes in New York showed how the government was not ready to support the poor people in saving themselves from severe poverty (Mangu-Ward, n.d.). Most minorities are simply trying to create a proper way of getting enough income to cater to their needs and ending such initiatives shows the lack of government support.
The US government should provide a supportive environment that will offer the poor people a chance to get the loan facilities and friendly policies. Most of the Black people and other minorities cannot access the loans because of the...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   06/02/2017

Category:   Contemporary

Length:   3 pages (621 words)

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How The US Is Unfair to Its Poor People in The 21st Century

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