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How the Media Presents the Contemporary Family

How the Media Presents the Contemporary Family

Each and every person was born in a family. "The family is an arena in which virtually the entire range of human experience can take place. Warfare, love, violence, tenderness, honesty, deceit, private property, communal sharing, power manipulation, egalitarian decision making- all can be found within the setting of a family." (…s/support) In society every place people turn the issue of family life is always being portrayed. Most movies and television shows try to represent the ideal perfect family. But in reality we all know that the media family life is nothing like are own. In this essay the focus point is the way children, parents, and family life are presented within a televised family, and if they are being portrayed accurately, if social issues which affect them dealt with, and if media represents the changing face of the three.

Firstly, the way children are viewed in the media is the first issue that is being presented. It is a known fact that by the time a child graduates from high school they have spent more time in front of a television set than in a classroom. During this time in front of a television one of the things children often see is a reflection of themselves. How children see people their age is important, because it helps shape how young people view themselves and their place in the world around them. Most television shows do not portray children accurately. Most children shown on television are motivated most often by peer relationships and romance, and least often by school related or religious issues. Statistics say, " 85% of children shows are about peer relationships, and 15% are about school-related issues." ( Yes, issues on romance are more entertaining then school-related issues, but romance is not the only issue that real children have to deal with in there live. Many children have a dream of becoming successful when they get older. For example, becoming such jobs as a doctor, or a lawyer. Television makes it seem that those types of jobs just come to people over night, and also without having any hard work and dedication involved. Television shows tend to miss that fact, and only display the things they think that children really care about. Personally, more family sitcoms should have more episodes on children...

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How the Media Presents the Contemporary Family

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