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How to consistently shoot a free throw

Uploaded by Gotskillz on Dec 28, 2004

Shooting free throws is tough for basketball players on all levels. Here is how to shoot a free throw in five easy steps.

Making a free throw in a basketball game should be simple. It’s only a fifteen foot shot, you’re in perfect line with the basket, and nobody is guarding you. But often times it can be a nightmare for players, from the grade school level all the way to the pros. Here are some ways to improve your free throw shooting:

1.) Relax before stepping to the free throw line. Before the referee hands you the ball to shoot, take some deep breaths. Walk around a little bit and get yourself mentally relaxed. Sometimes standing at the free throw line waiting for the other players to get set can put some undue pressure on you. Let everyone else get set before you do.

2.) Get your feet set. When the referee hands you the ball, set both of your feet where you feel most comfortable. If you’re young and jump forward a little bit when you shoot, that’s fine. Just allow for that little jump by stepping back a step from the line so you don’t jump over it when you shoot. If you are able to keep your feet still, get as close to the line as possible. It doesn’t matter where you stand or if you jump or not. The goal is to make the shot from behind the line. How you get it to go in doesn’t matter. There are no extra points for style.

3.) Have a routine for bouncing the ball. Some people like to bounce it three times. Some bounce it five. Some don’t bounce it at all. Whatever you do, be consistent each time. The more consistent you are, the more comfortable you will feel each time you step to the line.

4.) Ignore everything and everyone around you. It can be intimidating with players standing on each side of you watching you shoot. It’s even more intimidating if a big crowd is watching. You need to focus on the basket and on your routine. Picture yourself in your driveway, at practice, or somewhere where you feel comfortable. The more distractions you can eliminate, the better off you’ll be.

5.) Shoot the ball the same way each time. It’s all part of your routine. Use the same strength and same arm extension....

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Uploaded by:   Gotskillz

Date:   12/28/2004

Category:   Sports

Length:   2 pages (497 words)

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How to consistently shoot a free throw

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