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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management



Staffing, training, compensation and performance management are important HRM functions. How can each of these functions help companies deal with meeting stakeholders’ needs? High-performance work system challenges? Global challenges?

An important aspect of an organization’s business focus and direction towards achieving high levels of competency and competitiveness would depend very much upon their human resource management practices to contribute effectively towards profitability, quality, and other goals in line with the mission and vision of the company.

Staffing, training, compensation and performance management are basically important tools in the human resources practices that shape the organization’s role in satisfying the needs of its stakeholders. Stakeholders of an organization comprise mainly of stockholders who will want to reap on their investments, customers whose wants and desires for high quality products or services are met, employees who want their jobs in the organization to be interesting with reasonable compensation and reward system and lastly, the community who would want the company to contribute and participate in activities and projects relating to the environmental issues. Common rules and procedures of human resource management must be adhered to by the organization which forms basic guidelines on its practices. Teamwork among lower levels of staff and the management should be created and maintained to assist in various angles that would deem necessary in eliminating communication breakdowns and foster better relationship among workers. The management should emphasize on good corporate culture in order to develop employees and create a positive and conducive work environment.

High performance work systems are integrating employees’ talents and skills and technology in order to maximize them together to achieve the desired results. In order for an organization to achieve high competency levels and a competitive advantage through high performance work systems, the organization must first of all, invest in sufficient hands-on training to equip their staff force. In doing so, they would be able to identify the talents of their workforce and the areas of strength to later fit them into suitable roles. The organization must also maintain this through constant improvement process through incorporating technological standards. Continuous improvement in culture must be constantly maintained. As stated by Deming, people need to feel comfortable discussing problems and suggesting solutions. Managers need to work at breaking down barriers between departments so that interactive discussions can take place....

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Human Resource Management

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