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Hume's Mind Game

Uploaded by Encyclopediax on Feb 12, 2013

Travis Slaby
Alex Clarkson

Hume's Mind Game

The human mind is a very intricate machine. There have been many people that have attempted, and failed, to explain how the human mind operates. After reading Hume, I was in agreement with a lot of what he was explaining. Hume, in my mind, has come the closest to uncovering the minds operations.
Robert Hume dealt with a lot of what Decarte talked about in his writings. The difference between Decarte and Hume is that Hume "ironed out" a lot of the "wrinkles" that Decarte left behind. One in particular, was that of doubting everything. Hume believed that you could doubt some things, but it was impossible to doubt everything. I completely agree with Hume. Doubting everything would never lead anywhere. The human mind can not just wipe out all it's known memory and start over. The mind is always on. Decarte used his beliefs to prove his own theories. He cheated his own system.
Another thing Hume did was throw the Law of Mediocrity out the window. He is saying, basically, that everyday life can change tomorrow. The sun may not come up in the morning, a pool ball, being hit by another, may not move. I still believe the sun will come up tomorrow, but I see what Hume is trying to get at. Everything that is thought to be definite can change. There is no proven facts that say the sun will come up tomorrow, we just assume it will. In Hume's writing, assumption is a dangerous word. Assumption is made up of what you believe and what you don't. I can believe light will turn on when I hit the switch, but I can not rule out the fact that it will not turn on. It is probable that the light will turn on, but not definite. Hume says probabilities are what the mind is consuming during everyday life. Science give the facts because it has been tested and proved. "Everyday life" hasn't been proven by science. One example of a nonproved science is gravity. Gravity pulls everything toward the center of the earth. They have tested gravity, but there are no definite facts known to prove the theories. Who knows, maybe tomorrow gravity reverses it's pull and...

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Date:   02/12/2013

Category:   Philosophy

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Hume's Mind Game

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