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Hurricane Katrina

Uploaded by CaseyP on Mar 02, 2017

Hurricane Katrina
A natural disaster comes suddenly, sometimes with no warning leaving in its wake destruction and death. Natural disasters include; Hurricane, earthquake, volcanic eruption, fires among others. They are not subjected to a given area; thus each country should be prepared for the disaster that is likely to affect that area. The effects of a natural disaster are adverse, for instance, the environment gets littered with all manner of debris, houses get destroyed, streets become impassable, and trees get uprooted among others. The advancement of technology and mode of communication has made it easier to relay information such as warning alerts. People can prepare for a natural disaster by finding safe zones to go to, pack food and water as well as other essentials such as torches, batteries, ropes and flares, just to mention a few (Arcaya et al. 16246). The purpose of the paper is to analyze a natural disaster and establish how the victims managed to survive the catastrophe.
Hurricane Katrina is regarded as one of the costliest disasters in the US history affecting 92,000, square miles, killing over 1500 people and leaving thousands homeless. The hurricane struck several states such as Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, but the worst hit was New Orleans, Louisiana. Hurricane Katrina began on 24th Aug 2005 as a tropical storm in the Bahamas and gained strength in the Atlantic water; it hit the Florida coast becoming a category one hurricane with wind speed estimated to be 119km/hr (Deryugina et al. 2).The storm moved through the Gulf of Mexico where the atmosphere was conducive in fueling the storm. By the time it hit New Orleans, it had exploded to hurricane 5 with wind speeds of 282 km/hr. A combination of waves and storm surge led to the failure of the levee system that was supposed to provide a barrier. The failure caused a massive flooding that covered up to 80% of New Orleans (Kastenbaum 91).
The vast number of deaths and destruction would have been avoided if only proper planning and the fast response had been done. There are four critical reasons as to why hurricane Katrina was the worst tragedy to have hit the United States. The first one was that warning alerts had been released early before the storm, but these warnings went unheeded. Moreover, government officials who should have prepared in advance for the magnitude of the hurricane neglected their duties. The...

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Uploaded by:   CaseyP

Date:   03/02/2017

Category:   English

Length:   7 pages (1,667 words)

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Hurricane Katrina

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