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Ideological Identity

Uploaded by Agnt of Chaos on Jul 12, 2007

Ideological Identity

1. My ideological typology is a Social Conservative. Social Conservatives are second in church attendance to the Pro-Government group and are very aggressive (second only to the Enterprisers) in regards to foreign policy. Social Conservatives are also known as Moralists or Moderate Republicans. They are considered to be very conservative on issues of social importance. Social Conservatives are most similar to Enterprisers, but differ in their opinions of how fairly businesses operate. Social Conservatives tend to be cynical in their views of big business, politics, and programs for the poor and immigrants. Social Conservatives tend to have a negative outlook on issues dealing with abortion and gay marriage; they are also for a more aggressive policy when dealing with other countries. They aren’t really convicted too much one way or the other on issues dealing with life here at home except they are not impressed with the idea that businesses have been given the amount of power that they have with not much regulation. Social Conservatives in general support the government actively preserving the environment. In reference to how Social Conservatives stack up demographically: 56 % own a gun, 51% attend a Bible Study, and 53% go to church, they are mostly white (91%), female (58%) and almost half live in the southern part of the U.S. The average age is 52% with 47% being 50+ in age. 43% are Evangelical Protestants, which is more than twice the national average. As a Party 82% are Republican and 18 % are Independents.
2. There are a whole host of issues in which we can all be evaluated on how we think and there are those who would argue or agree with us. Here are nine of the ones that interest me most.
a. Domestic Issues: Social Security, private assets or being allowed to donate some of your social security pay to private retirement accounts. Social Conservatives have a 56% approval of this. The closest groups are tied at 59%, which are the Pro-Government, and the Upbeats. Social Conservatives are least like the Disadvantage Democrats (17% in favor) on this issue.
b. Social Issues: Abortion. Enterprisers and Social Conservatives are on the same page on this issue at 54% being in favor of it being made harder to get an abortion. Pro-Government Conservatives come close at 53%. Social Conservatives have the least in common on this issue with the Liberals (10%) and the Disadvantaged Democrats (22%).
c. Supreme...

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Uploaded by:   Agnt of Chaos

Date:   07/12/2007

Category:   Contemporary

Length:   5 pages (1,058 words)

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Ideological Identity

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