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Impact of Corruption on India's Policy

Uploaded by HuGo De Burgh on Mar 04, 2007

The Impact of Corruption on India's Policy and Administrative Service over the last 25 years


Assessing the impact of corruption on India's polity and administrative service over the last quarter century has enabled me to gauge the progress made by India's politicians in tackling one of the country's biggest problems. In analyzing the impact of corruption on India's polity over the last 25 years, I highlight corrupt practices by Indian governments during the time-frame in question. I conjecture that the problem of corruption in India's polity is a ubiquitous one, and that corruption has carved out a niche in India's polity. Additionally, I elicit the criminalization of India's politicians by discussing the impact that money has on the functioning of contemporary Indian democracy. I also link corruption in India's polity with increasing levels of corruption in the country's private sector. I use this to conjecture that the usurpation of the country's economic wealth by a privileged minority is part of a corrupt businessman-politician nexus, which is detrimental to Indian society.

I gauge the impact of corruption on India's administrative service by incorporating the views of several Indian and international experts. These opinions collate to describe the ineptitude of India's bloated administrative service, providing explanations for the service's inefficiency. My research highlights the impact that corruption has brought to bear "nepotism among administrative officials, a "license-permit-quota Raj's system and professional ineptitude" on India's administrative service. Finally, I linked corruption in India's bureaucracy with the country's underachieving economy.

While much of the essay is critical of India's politicians, I juxtapose criticisms of India's politicians with corrective measures being undertaken in my conclusion. In doing so, the reader is left to decide whether or not India is any closer to dealing with the issue of corruption within its polity and administrative service, and...

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Uploaded by:   HuGo De Burgh

Date:   03/04/2007

Category:   Politicians

Length:   20 pages (4,440 words)

Views:   4226

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Impact of Corruption on India's Policy

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