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Importance of Tough Gun Control Regulations

Importance of Tough Gun Control Regulations

Gun control is an issue that has been used in electoral campaigns for decades, but in the last 20 years, has become a very heated debate. I chose the topic of gun control honestly, because I am interested in the money that is involved. I know money has to be in the middle of all of the controversy. How else can one explain the easy accessibility to guns and the limited legislation to prevent the sale of guns? I feel it is important to cover all of the aspects of the issue of gun control, from the history, to the effects of gun control, to the effects on families.

The definition of gun control is self-explanatory, but the actual measures that should be taken to control the sale and use of guns are the issue at hand.

Gun control laws were passed forbidding the sale of firearms to Native Americans, ignoring the Second Amendment. These laws were often passed when the government reacted to a hysterical public demanding action after reading gruesome newspaper accounts of atrocities allegedly committed by rouge bands of Indians. Native tribes were forced to trade with smugglers and criminals who demanded outrageous prices for old and new barely functioning firearms. Tribe members took to raiding white settlements in efforts to obtain firearms to protect themselves from a government and a white citizenry bent on genocide. (Masters, 1999). After the civil war, the white people in the South (and in many cases in the North) passed several different gun control laws designed to keep firearms out of the hands of the recently freed African Americans. Klan type raids on African American communities were frequent and the “brave” white knights of the order just could not tolerate the thought of anyone resisting a lynching. (Masters, 1999). In the mid 1970’s, the Federal government was trying to was trying to implement different gun control measures as a result of a series of mass by a lone gunmen. Charles Whitman had killed 18 people, chiefly using a hunting rifle, and wounded 30 people in Austin, Texas. Jimmy Essex killed 10 people and wounded 17 people in New Orleans. At the same...

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Importance of Tough Gun Control Regulations

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