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In Favor of Euthanasia

In Favor of Euthanasia

Euthanasia. The word is originated from the Greek language Eu meaning good and Thanatos means death. Good death. The meaning of this word is “the intentional termination of life by another at the request of the person who dies. Everyone thinks of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, a Michigan physician. In 1998 Dr. Kevorkian assisted a patient who was suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease. His patient was frightened and afraid and knew the advancing disease would cause him to die a horrible death in the future. He simply wanted to end his life quick and painless. Dr. Kevorkian injected a controlled substance into the patient, thus causing his death. Dr. Kevorkian was latter charged with 1st degree murder. Do you feel he should have been?

Have you ever given it any thought? What if? You were the patient and you have been sick and in so much pain, the doctors tell you they can not do anymore for you. They tell you will eventually die but it is going to be slow and painful death when you die. Your physician tells you when you feel you can not tolerate it any more; he will help you speed the process. What would you do? Lie in bed in so much pain which could last as long as five years or would you ask the doctor to speed up death? Do you think the government has the right to deny terminally ill patients who prefer to end their life rather than to continue until their body finally gives up? Public polls have been taken have shown euthanasia choice is favored for terminally ill patients. Sometimes people get depressed and need medication so they will feel better. I do not believe in the right to die if you are not terminally ill or you can not get better ever. People who are apposed to this often say what would God think? God did give us life; does God want us to live in pain? Euthanasia should be available to us if:

1.You are terminally ill
2. Feel you life is not worth living because of Intractable Pain, Loss of Dignity, and the Loss of Capability
3. Someone who repeatedly asks for help in committing suicide because of their health...

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In Favor of Euthanasia

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