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Influence of Heavy Metal on Youth

Does Heavy Metal Corrupt Youth?

Musical preferences are as diverse as the people who listen to it. Different types of music have different reputations. Heavy metal music is often labeled as "negative." Yet others find it a harmless form of music. The argument presented in this paper will show that heavy metal music poses no threat to the well-being of its listeners.

Like other types of music, such as jazz, blues, and even rap. The distinct style of heavy metal music can be grouped into three main sections (Ratliff 1). One popular style of heavy metal is death metal. Death metal has a more dark sound and eerie style than other forms of heavy metal. The music itself is fast, heavy, and loud. The images that death metal portrays are death, doom, destruction, suicide, sex, and drugs. Some see these images as harmful or having a negative effect on the listener (Halbersberg 1). Another form of heavy metal music is speed metal. Speed metal has a more upbeat sound than death metal and is not as depressing as death metal. It is fast paced and has a hard impact The lead guitar follows a frenetic pace. This is in contrast to death metal which emphasizes rhythm guitar (Graff 3). The last type of heavy metal music is thrash metal. The name refers to both the thrashing sound of the music and the flailing movement of its listeners. The sound is very loud and has the same tone and style of speed metal (Graff 3). These styles however, attract certain people.

The majority of people who listen to heavy metal music are suburban white males. These males range in ages between 14-24. They have a certain style of dress and way of life. They wear dark clothing with morbid images of death and destruction. This clothing can be seen to be a costume that advertises the teens' musical preference. It is a way of getting attention. Surprisingly, even though the crowds tend to be young, adults are also seen at these concerts. One example of an adult and a parent is Dave Mullins. He likes to take his sons to see death metal shows.(Graff 1) Mullins says about death metal, "I did see one band that had a clear bag with a fetus inside it. It looked gross, but it was just a gag. When I'm watching the kids, they're just letting off steam....

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Influence of Heavy Metal on Youth

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