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Information Technology and Society

Uploaded by JayJay on Dec 26, 2004

[i:e2ac43f576]Information Technology and Society[/i:e2ac43f576]


o To investigate the implications of IT on society
o To consider copyright and software licensing
o To consider the safety and security of equipment, the user and data

In this day and age, interacting somehow with a computer has become an integral part of a daily routine for millions of people. I have realised that whatever career I choose to follow, I will probably be a frequent user of computers. As technologies press forward, IT becomes progressively more important in our society and many jobs are changing.

A good example showing the overtaking by IT is where the typewriter has been replaced by a word processing package on a computer system. Instead of a typist having to produce documents using the equipment that he/she was initially trained on, they now have to get to grips with this new technology. A major reason this new equipment has been introduced is because of the far greater efficiency resulting from the enhanced speed and accuracy of document production. On a typewriter, the correction of errors is quite difficult and generally leaves some evidence behind. However, with the use of word processors, editing is simple and the final document is not printed out until all the corrections have been made, resulting in a perfect copy. The documents can also be saved and used again if needed.

This chapter has also helped me understand the argued disadvantages. The system required for word processing will require a personal computer with software and a printer which will cost far more than a standard typewriter. However, it is also argued that this investment will enable you to do other tasks too - by using other applications and software. Another disadvantage is that the user has to be trained into using the specific applications before he can make full use of the system, which could take a lot of time.

This chapter also explains about copyright issues. I have learnt from this chapter that computer software is copyright material. Copyright means that the specific product or material is protected in the UK by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. This act outlines that the product or material belongs to the software producer and it is illegal to make unauthorised copies.

From this chapter I have studied that on many occasions data is also copyrighted. For example, not everyone has the ability or opportunity to draw or take photographs and you often want to include...

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Uploaded by:   JayJay

Date:   12/26/2004

Category:   Technology

Length:   5 pages (1,217 words)

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